YOGA is the science of Man and AYURVED is the science of life.
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Yoga is the ancient Indian system that originated approximately over 3000 years ago and is used in conjunction with Ayurved for personal development and healing.

According to the person, constitution, age and disorders, simple yoga practices like body postures (asanas) breathing exercises (pranayama) meditation and relaxation are advised. Meditation is the treatment for peace of mind. True peace of mind is an internal state and does not depend on any external factor.

We need to cleanse ourselves through both Yoga and Ayurved in order to find the balance in maintaining a high state of good health.

It does not matter what routine we adopt it will take time to see any lasting results. Disease is the result of a lifetime's accumulation of negative habits. It takes self-awareness, determination, persistence and patience to redesign our style of life so that it is energizing rather than depleting.

The purpose of Yoga and Ayurved is to make every home a happy home inside and outside. All of us have a Mother in Nature and only She can lead us home.

Ayurved is also an ancient Indian system which originated as part of the Vedic Science. It is now recognized as a global medicine which includes the best developments in the medicines of all lands. The Vedic Science sets forth Ayurved as its branch for dealing with the physical body as the healing gift from the ancient enlightened Vedic culture.

Ayurveda is the knowledge of life. It does not necessarily mean it is only the way of treatment for disorders and diseases. It is also for restoring the balance of the constitution of the person. It also places importance on daily routine, exercise, diet, clothing and rest in each and every season. In short it deals with every aspect of life.

The ultimate aim of Yoga and Ayurved is to maintain good health for the enjoyment of life for at least eighty to ninety years.

“At the end of the year, at least once, leave the worldly duties and go to a retreat for a month,
or a week, or at least three days and enjoy solitude”.
Lahiri Mahasaya from “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahansa Yogananda



And …..

  • A quiet nurturing time away from aggression, hostility, expectations, society and its demands.
  • No phones, computers, televisions, radios, clocks or housework
  • Some periods of silence for some personal deep thinking about your life and the direction it is taking.
  • Inspiration and knowledge in which to make necessary lifestyle changes
  • Increased physical and emotional strength
  • A sense of inner balance through the proper use of food and herbs
  • Improved memory and concentration
  • A deep sense of contentment
  • A warm and cheerful environment of joy and happiness (our natural state)
    . . . . . then give yourself this time for a very supportive and relaxing Two Day Health Camp.
For things to change first we must change!!


  • One herbal massage (oileation) for each person
  • Simple therapeutic yoga morning and evening
  • Inspirational talks on Yoga and Ayurved for a balanced lifestyle
  • Personalized simple soothing treatments based on the doctors' recommendations
  • Ayurved cooking demonstrations and delicious satvic (higher and lighter tasting) satisfying food cooked with love and cheerfulness.
  • Periods of silence and respected personal space
  • One evening of uplifting and enjoyable group chanting together with harmonium player.
  • Plenty of open space in which to enjoy a quiet nature walk alone to think about whatever you need to think over.
  • Early nights to bed.
  • We are there to support and serve you for two days.

Give yourself permission to experience 2 days of being served with very personal attention in a tranquil and nuturing environment in the hands of Yoga and Ayurved experts and very caring assistants.

Experience these two ancient sciences of India combined together in a program which will revitalize all aspects of your life. The program is conducted under the careful guidance of Linda Burr a respected and experienced Yoga teacher from Adelaide and Dr Jagdish Bhutada an Ayurved physician (Vaidya) from Pune India. The Camps are also assisted by trained male and female massage people (male to massage the men and a female to massage the women) and Mrs Surbhi Bhutada also from Pune India for the Ayurved food preparations.


The Woodhouse Activity Centre
Rymill Conference Centre
Spring Gully Road, Piccadilly
Adelaide Hills, South Australia

Give yourself permission to experience 2 days of being served with very personal attention in a tranquil and nurturing environment in the hands of Yoga & Ayurved experts and very caring assistants.


Linda Burr and Dr Jagdish Bhutada

Linda Burr is the Australian Principal of the Integral Yoga Academy of Australasia (IYAA) and is the tutor and coordinator of the Diploma of Integral Yoga Teaching and the Diploma of Integral Yoga, conducts yoga classes in Adelaide as well as taking students to India for further education in Yoga. She has been presenting Yoga and Ayurved camps and yoga retreats since 1999.

Dr Jagdish Bhutada is an experienced Ayurved doctor from Pune India. He works tirelessly sharing his knowledge and experience in the science of Ayurved. Dr Bhutada has presented Ayurved camps and lectures in foreign countries such as Thailand, China, The Philippines, France, Holland, Austria, Spain, Australia and New Zealand. His aim is to spread knowledge of Ayurved and the prevention of disease based on Ayurved principles through health camps, workshops and lectures. Dr Bhutada is the Principal Doctor and Advisor for the Pancha Karma Unit at Kaivalyadham Yoga Institute & Research Hospital in Lonavala India and also has his own Ayurved Therapy unit in Pune and Mumbai India. His delightful and cheerful approach to his work continues to inspire and uplift all who participate in the camps.