We are always drawn to the right place at the right time.
So welcome to the Integral Yoga Academy of Australasia.

If you would like to learn more about Yoga or to learn how to share your knowledge and experience with others then you have found the right place in which to either begin or continue on with your journey. It doesn’t matter if you are just beginning or have been practicing / teaching yoga for some time the IYAA Courses will deepen your understanding of this great Science and move you further along.

The IYAA have been assisting students in Yoga for over 35 years from beginners to students already teaching who have felt the need to understand Yoga at a deeper level and how to apply the Yoga philosophy in day to day life.

The Courses are easy to manage in the comfort in your own home. From the practical aspect a student is required to attend a yoga class (with a certified teacher) on a regular basis in their local area and a system suited to their interest. It is through your personal responses to the assignments that we are able to assess a students progress and understanding of the Course work.

About the Academy: The Integral Yoga Academy of Australasia (IYAA) was founded by Dr Swami Savitri Devi in 1979 and exists for the promotion of greater understanding of Yoga principles; the encouragement of these practices; to provide a contact system among Yoga Sadhakas and aspirants irrespective of committment to the Academy; and to provide, above all, a lead-in to those life-enriching experiences which are part of the experience of Yoga itself.

The Academy provides Yoga training and teacher training by correspondence through the Classical Eight Limbs of Yoga (Astanga Yoga).

For over 60 years Dr Savitriananda Devi has guided students through the science of Yoga to either become teachers or purely for personal development.

The IYAA has no bias towards any particular school of thought, instead the student is guided towards finding their own particular path according to their individual characteristics.

Physical Exercise for Body and Mind: Both Courses are based on the timeless principles of Yoga psychology. Part of this system recognises biological changes taking place in our bodies as we respond to things happening to us in daily life. To answer the needs arising from this and offer a specially formulated series of excises and breath controls that work on both the body and the emotions therefore, creating a state of total wellness.

Stress Removal Techniques: IYAA schedules show the student how to improve coping skills, remove personal “hang-ups” and improve the powers of concentration. Powerfully effective relaxation techniques are given; plus many simple and easy forms of meditation techniques. Some of these meditation techniques deal with personal issues whilst others are effortless ways to achieve that wonderful state of inner time-out.

General Health Care: To enable you to help yourself and those under your care, simple instruction is also given in basic nutritional and Yoga therapy. Yoga is particularly helpful in maintaining good spinal tone, normalising blood pressure, improving sleep patterns, improving the memory, etc.

Yoga Therapies and Spiritual Disciplines: Because these are Integral Yoga courses, you will be introduced to a wide range of interacting Yogic systems involving not only physical fitness, but also music, colour therapy, aromatherapy, reflexology, practical problem solving, and general knowledge of the spiritual principles of Yoga (non-sectarian).

Developing and Healing through the Psychic Centres in the Body: With the increase of interest in the psychic side of Yoga the training program is now extended to include Chakra Sâdhana. Chakra Sâdhana enables you to understand how these psychic centres work on the body and the mind as well as being psychic transmitters. These schedules provide properly guided instructions for safe development of these centres and how to incorporate them into everyday life.